Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Just a week in the life

WOW it is a hot here. It doesn't really feel like we are coming up onto the Christmas season- where is the snow?! We are starting to get really creative in finding ways to stay cool :)

We had a great Sunday! All the people we are teaching came- which is a miracle. the bad news is that one one of them had 'fecha' or a date for baptism. so that was kind of foamy but...
Saturday Natalia, an investigator got married and she is progressing nicely to her baptism date on the 19th
We did have a young mom we are teaching come for the first time to church. I LOVE her. Her name is Karina and she has gotten some really strong answers to her prayers that the church is true! The bad thing is she is living with her boyfriend. (wawa) but from what she tells us HE really wants to get married- she just has a little fear we are trying to help her with. Even though her situation is less than ideal, it is incredible to see how God prepares the people we find. I know that now is the exact time we were meant to find her.

I am loving having 5 Hermanas in our house. I have really enjoyed getting to know Hermana Black this week. Being with her has reminded me a lot of what I was like right after my training. It exciting to see at least a little progress in me, at least when it comes to Spanish. (even though she speaks a whole lot better than I could ;)

I know this Church is true. I know that this Gospel is about progression and changing for the better. It is such a beautiful life. SO ENJOY IT

I Love you
Besos Cho!
Hermana Saunders