Monday, July 20, 2015

Disfruta la flea bags‏

What a week. ¡Tan rapido! I am seriously loving every minute of my life! To think I have 5 months in the mission scares me to DEATH! I am not near ready to be this old. It isn’t fair girls only get 18months, I want 2 years! But I guess I will take what I can get and love it.


I am loving living with 4 other Hermanas. We are always laughing. It probably is a little inappropriate how much of a good time we have together. My name here is Hermana Sandra- after one of our investigators who mistakenly calls me that. Trio life is the best. I know a lot of people don’t like it, but I think it must be terribly lonely in 2- I don’t want to go back :) but changes are coming and it is likely things are going to change. shoota.  


Well this week I want to talk a little bit about the flea bags of Chile- perros (dogs)! That’s right. There are literally 100s more dogs in Hualqui! (10x more gross!) We saw a pack of 12 of them all chilling together yesterday. I wish I would have had my camera. Anyway, this week we had a little run in with one of our fury friends in the street. Normally they just want to play, but this week one was out for Hermana Tejerina`s blood. She got a nice little rip in her jacket from where it bit (don’t worry it just got her jacket) we were cornered for a minute when a neighbor came out and saved us. Of course it was the one day I forgot my secret weapon – dog repeller ... this is not Barrio Norte.


It is so beautiful here in Hualqui. The whole town is surrounded by trees. The people are warm and friendly. I am so impressed with the members. I learn so much from their examples.

Besos Chow!


Hermana Saunders

Monday, July 13, 2015

Huakqui my new home

Wednesday I went on a mini cambio with Hermana Lance. She lives with us and works in the same ward. I first met her in my first cambio here in Andaline. I love her. She is so incredible. She is training right now Hermana Heaton but has given me some awesome advice and has already helped me a bunch with Spanish. It was a great day together.

We got a call early in the week that because I had moved sectors I had missed zone conference. President wanted me to go to one so on Thursday night me and Hermana Tejarina stayed in Collao and on Friday morning President picked us up and we drove for an hour out to compo to attend the last one in the mission. I learned so much I am so glad President and Sister Arrington had thought about me. Another blessing was that I got to see my 'mom' Hermana Howe. I feel really lucky. It was great to catch up with her.

We have had a chance to teach more which is wonderful. We are working with two families right now and they are both showing progress. (Admittedly it is a little slow but progress is progress)

We are looking for more Less actives right now (a problem we did not have in my last sector) We are teaching about 3 people who have been baptized in the last year too (something we also didn’t have in my last sector.) Members are so awesome here. They are coming out with us every day which is helping us complete the vision more which is sweet!

I feel so blessed to be where I am. Hualqui is so wonderful. I don’t think I have ever been more humbled by the language than I am right now- it has been tough but I am learning work harder and I have faith it will come.

The Hand of the Lord is so prevalent in my life. It is unreal in how specific he is in answering my prayers.

I love you! Besos

Hermana Saunders

Monday, July 6, 2015

Loco Semana- Crazy Week

Big changes!

Okay Monday:

We watched the futbul game with the Elders at the house of some members and oh my gosh it was a blast. They served us a TON of food (ALL CARNE). One of the Elders in my ward is from Peru and it was hilarious to hear him go on and on about how great the team is only to have them lose (hehe)

Tuesday: Zone breakfast and district class. Super great.

 Wednesday: We promised an old lady in our ward we would chop her wood, but when we showed up she was super surprise. She didn’t think we would actually do it. We did. I learned a new skill that is for sure. I also taught English to a girl and we started a class for every Wednesday night, Super cool. All was normal and then POW right after planning for the night we got a call from the assistant EMERGENCY CAMBIOS!

WHAT? yep a new girl came in late this cambio and my comp was chosen to train! And for me: Chou no mas! Loco! Headed to Hualqui (wall-key) just 40min-1hr. south of Barrio Norte.

 Thursday: We planned for the church and then visited a bunch of my favorite members to say goodbye. Oh it was so loco.

 Friday we went to the ultimo class (a class taught of the married couples in the mission- they are leaving after this cambio. And after that we got a ride from a member where we did the exchange and then Hermana Ormeño went to pick up her new comp at the airport.

 I am in a trio now with Hermana Ovando and Hermana Tejerina two Argentines! Woot woot!

 On Saturday we watched the game at the house of a member and it was a crazy game but in the end Chile Won! It felt just like the 4th in the USA with all the festivities after the game.

 Sunday was a bit of a shock. The ward in Hualqui is HUGE. (120- but I guess it was a low week) compared to my last ward it is a big change. But a good one. They are super sweet here. So many people are willing to teach with us so that is awesome. I don’t know how I am going to remember all their names but I can pray for that :)

 Today we hiked a waterfall as a zone. It was fun... we got really wet and muddy from all.  It was a cool experience.

 Well that is just about it for my crazy week. Love you all


Hermana Saunders

Barrie Norte