Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Carta # 2

Things are going great here at the CCM! Remember how I was saying that I was missing out on the hot weather? Well no longer. The sun has been out, hot and shining this passed week ,and it is SO nice!

This week the teachers have really started cracking down in class. Spanish is really all they use now. While I still only know a few phrases I am getting better at understanding what is being said. I have a notebook I fill with words that are used in class that I don't know and then at languages study I look them up. My goal is to learn about 30 words everyday so that when I leave I should have a vocab of just under 1000 words. Sometimes the hardest part is just figuring out how to use words correctly in a sentence. Every verb has conjugations depending on how or where it is used in a sentence. For now we just use a lot of 'Spanglish' or just replace any English words with Spanish ones that we have learned.
A few things that happened this week:

We got locked out of our Casa, the other night because the electronic keys all stopped working for some reason. We all sat on our grass for an hour just chatting. For that hour it seemed like all of Mexico City was quiet for once. We actually heard the crickets. I really felt like it was a blessing from Heavenly Father. Just to relax for an hour was glorious.

David Archeleta (I have no idea how to spell his name..) made a surprise appearance on campus with the boxing women from meet the Mormons. The Mexico premiere was this week and they wanted to tour the campus. While the girls and I were studying in our class room all of the boys went on a hunt to find them. The found them, got pictures and geeked out about it for the rest of the night. What goofballs. (But really the jokes on them because God blesses those who are diligent and study)

We got to go to the temple today which was crazy fun! It is closed for some construction work, but it was so nice to get out of the compound for a while. I loved driving through the city. We saw a fire juggler today which was cool. The traffic is LOCO in Mexico. Cars are inches apart and completely fearless in cutting into lanes. Oh and I guess jay-walking isn't a thing here because the people are just as gutsy about running in the middle of the road. 

While I am having a BLAST here, this week has been tough. On Monday, I was feeling discouraged. It felt like everyone around me was improving and I was still stuck on insignificant details of the language. I felt that my efforts were in vain and that the spirit was not speaking to me as it usually did. I had been praying to my Heavenly Father all weekend for a confirmation that I was meant to be here, that I was called to the right place and that I wasn't wasting my time. Monday night our teacher shared section 6 of D&C and I really felt that Heavenly Father had answered my prayers. In verses 23-24 Oliver Cowdery is reminded of a time that Heavenly Father had spoken to him through the Spirit and it brought me back to the night I was in my dorm room and was moved by the spirit to serve a mission. It was so great to feel that the Lord could answer my prayer through the people around me, it reminded me how I want to serve others the same way. I am so grateful to have been reminded that faith is the weapon to combat discouragement and doubts. 

While I know this is still an up hill climb- all thoughts of going home have left me. I am suppose to be here. Heavenly Father has been kind enough to give me that answer twice now. I was so prepared to except any call that came and now that it is here I am ready to take it. Even if that means learning some of the fastest Spanish in the world. If I do all I can do and leave no regrets then the Lords will lead the way. My faith and testimony are growing everyday. I am working hard. I am learning to work even harder everyday. I love you all and can't wait for Wednesdays to come, so I can here from you.
With Love, Always Hermana Brinlee Saunders

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