Monday, September 14, 2015

Lucky month 7- Letter

Long week, but a good one! We continue to teach Fabian and he is progressing so much. This week we taught him the Word of wisdom  in a  game of basketball. It was a blast. He is just like a regular youth in the ward. We are still working on his mom. She is busy and not making time for us, but praying for an opportunity to teach her.
Last changes we had the sector in deviations with the other Hermanas, but this week we opened it up. We did a lot of walking and knocking to get to know the new sectors but I really think it will be for the best. We were lucky enough to find o lot of less actives this week that are ready to progress, which is exciting.

 Sad news is that we have in our plans to 'kill' our family of investigators this week. It has been 2 weeks without seeing them at church and we have prayed and feel it is time to let them go. I am sad. I am really going to miss them. Well, we will let go with faith. that is all you can do, right?

 We were put to shame this week when a member made fun of how tall our grass was at our house, so this week we took a morning to pull it all up. We couldn't locate any clippers and scissors just wouldn't cut it so we did things the Chilean way and we pulled every bit of it up. It was quite the adventure. Now we have to huge trash bags full of grass that the garbage men won't take... figuring out what to do with it will be our next adventure I guess.

Saturday we had a mission wide service day. In the morning all of the sectors near Concepcion came in and we cleaned a bunch of the streets. We played 'what are the odds' (sort of like truth or dare) with the Elders in our zone and Elder Meza from Peru had to buy me an ice cream. It was a good day.

 This week everyone is preparing for the 18th. It is Chile's Independence Day and they go crazy from what I hear. I am so pumped.

 The weather is really warming up and it is really nice not to lug around out water gear.

 I am doing great. Happy and healthy


Hermana Saunders




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