Monday, November 9, 2015

Birthday wishes granted!

What a wonderful week! It went by so fast. There was so many awesome things that we got to do.

Monday ~we celebrated my Birthday and the year mark of Hermana Ovando. We ate pizza and slept-Basically a really awesome day in the mission.

On Tuesday~ the Elders in my zone got me a cake. It was really nice. We are the only hermanas, so they treat us well ;) Then we had lunch at the Minches which was so so good. They decorated for us and Sisrwe Minch cooked stew- which is basically my favorite meal at home--- it was like a tender mercy. They totally spoiled us.

Friday~ we had a Mini exchanges with the Hermana Leaders. I lead our sector! We got a little lost with the buses and were just a little late starting they day- but I learned something new hehe.

I was with Hermana Moraga- who was actually 'born' in Barrio Norte a few cambios before me. It was like catching up with someone from your home town. Pretty fun. She taught me a few new things that I will be working on in the coming weeks.

Saturday was kind of a hard day--  yes they happen here on a mission.  We left our cell phone in the home of  one of our investigators with all these people we still had to call for church. We had a hard time controlling the lesson and getting home on time (we made it don't worry) and getting our contacts done. Everything seemed to be going a different direction then we wanted it to go. I laid down to bed thinking “I have learned nothing in these last 9 months. I am 20 and still a disorganized mess!” In my frustration, it came into my mind that there is no progress without the trial. And I thought about all the trails that I have overcome here. While they may have been small but- I have progressed. We have a lot of weaknesses, but we can never overcome them without feeling a little crummy sometimes. It is through hard days and little victories that we grow- little by little.

I think I came on the mission thinking I would be perfect as soon as I got here. That every missionary I had met was awesome so I would automatically know all and be awesome but it is not like that at all. If I have any advice to give this week it is that you will never been perfect- but don't let it stress you out. God knows you are not perfect and he sent you to this earth anyway- he sends you trials and test sometimes because he knows you are strong enough to beat them. poco y poco. (little by little) I love you. Remember who you are. You have so much potential, but you aren't going to reach it without hard days.

Ether 12:27

Read your scriptures, say your prayers and trust in God.


Hermana Saunders

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