Monday, November 23, 2015

What we have been up to......

What a fast week. It was filled with so many blessings. But really sososo many blessings!

Well my dad tells me I am not talking enough about the work and what we are doing so here it goes- Here is who we are teaching and a little bit about them...

We found another family this week! they are so prepared! We always walk in and look for a 'need' to relate to baptism and really all we could find- and all they needed to hear is that they can be cleaned of their mistakes. They are catholic but they really understand the need of a baptism for the remission of sins. They have a date for Dec 12. 

We have Fernando, the dad of a family we are teaching for this Saturday but I think we are going to push it back another week. We don't feel that he is totally ready for the commitment and he also didn't come to church yesterday so... he technically has all the assistance he needs to be baptized.... We just have to have a heart to heart with him today. 

We also are teaching Diego (15) Andres (his dad) and Pamela (his mom). Digo has wanted to be baptized for a solid year now (with his brother Felipe (20) who is a convert from last December) but his parents have only just started listening to us and originally didn't want to give him permission to be baptized. His dad is ready and knows the church is true but Pamela has a hard time thinking out of her catholic roots. She isn't ready to accept a date for baptism. We are going to fast with them for the 5th of Dec that Andres and Diego can be baptized. Pamela is so sweet but she just has a really hard time understanding the whole authority aspect. It is what most people don't get. The need for ONE church and ONE baptism. They just think all roads lead to God. (Hay un solo Dios!) I have a lot of faith that she will come along. She can see a big change in her sons and Husband and I know she wants to be a part of the change.

We also have Natalia who has been investigating the church for about a year and than moved here. She is more active than most of the members. It is funny to hear her pray for the less actives in church. She is awesome. She is living with the father of her 2 children and they will be married (por fin!) on the 5th of December and she will be baptized on the 19th. She is so excited. I am only bummed that her boyfriend doesn't want anything to do with the church. poco poco she says. 

We are starting to help a less active quit smoking and another family of less actives came to church this week. We are really really seeing the blessings

We are learning that when we have faith in our goals and pray to achieve them God will help us. We saw a lot of 'coincidences' this week- that we were in the right place at the right time or that our plans fell only to find someone new or do something better than we had planned. I know that Gods plans for us are always bigger than our own plans for us. I know that he lives and directs our paths. He sees our potential and knows what we can do. He knows you underestimate yourself and he can make your efforts bigger and mean more than you alone can do. He knows our needs. He only asks to have confide in him. Have faith and he will take care of the rest. I promise. 

I love and miss you so much! but there is no where I would rather be right now. The church is true. God loves you!
Hermana Saunders

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