Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Adios CCM

Next Monday I will be waving goodbye to the CCM and flying to Chile! Hooray! I am nervous. I really don't think I have enough Spanish under my belt but I have been working very hard and I know the Lord will help me to measure up to the needs of my investigators.

This Week has been so fun. We finished off Spirit week and by Saturday a lot of people in our Casa had joined us. I won't include all the pictures because Friday and Thursday were pretty typical as far as wardrobe.

It has been a bit cold here. The last two day the skies have finally cleared up but most of the week has been really rainy. I guess I am just being prepared for Chile.

On Monday, Mexico celebrated the birthday of a president who brought religious freedom to the country. Some how a boy in our district managed to sweet talk our favorite cook into baking us a Cake to celebrate too. It was yummy! We love our friend Esteban in the kitchen.

I am no athlete but gym time has become one of the funnest times of the day. This week, we were looking around for things to do in the gym and all the sudden Hermana Wagstaff started dancing like a lunatic around us. We began to call out request for dance moves, for example- frozen jellyfish to which she would make up a goofy move and we would watch and follow along. Boy, did we look like a bunch of idiots but we surprising worked up quite a sweat. (Don´t worry mom no one was in the gym except the sweet girls in our zone.)

Things here are starting to get slower. Less people have been coming in with each week and so our ward merged with another district this week. My Friend from home, Elder Lundell has sacrament with me now.

Other than that nothing super exciting is going on. We are wrapping up our Spanish Classes in the next few days and having infield orientation on Friday. I hope all is going well at home. Love you!
Hermana Saunders

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