Monday, March 30, 2015

Cue Aladdin "It's A Whole New World"

I am finally here! I am so happy. This week has flown by! On Wednesday I flew all night from Mexico to Santiago and from there to Concepción. We were picked up at the airport and went to the mission office with the crew. The Arringtons are so kind. They are from Clinton and LOVE Grandma and Grandpa Saunders. They were so complementary. It is nice to have a little bit of home in them. At the mission office we had a little orientation and them went contacting!!!! Craziness! That was so weird, but a really cool experience. Even when people were rolling their eyes at us and shaking their heads I could feel the spirit with us so strong. That spirit is so important to have each day. As missionaries we are so blessed. From there we came back to the office and got our companions! Hermana Howe is my trainer. She is from Arizona and SPEAKS ENGLISH! thank goodness! She is so understanding of what I am going through, I really feel so so lucky to have her, she is incredible.

Through out the week I have been learning about our investigators and the members in your ward. We have SO many less actives in our area which is really sad to see. We do our best to contact new investigators, but a big focus of our work is reactivating people who have stopped coming to church. 

I naturally can't communicate much right now, but I am studying and practicing so much. Right now I am learning how to show my love in ways other than speaking. I love talking with the little kids here. They are always very patient and they love to asking me what things are in English. The members are pretty use to greenies like me and love teasing me about my Spanish. We have a great ward. So loving.

I have to be quick, but here are some fun facts about Chile...
-When we greet people we do it with a kiss on the right cheek. I LOVE it. I think it is so sweet. (Of course with the man we only shake hands.)
-DOGS everywhere! (and there poop... gross) My sweet aunt gave my a little gadget that repels dogs with a high pitched noise that humans cant hear. Lets just say I use it about every 5 min. Most dogs are friendly but you never want them to get too close because many of them have flees.
-The homes are much humbler than I expected. Most are made of tin and wood. I will have to send picture next week but they are all pretty small. People are not poor, they just know no different than they have. 

I am out of time, but I will write more next week. I love you all!!!
Cho Que le vía buen!
Hermana Saunders

Herman Howe- Frist Companion

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