Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Newbies Conference

So this week we had a conference for all the newbies that came in with me. It was amazing I learned so so much about teaching, finding, obedience etc. Along with the conference I went on a mini cambio (exchanges) with an hermana leader in another sector, Hermana Fisher. I went to Tome, it is so beautiful there. From area you can see over the whole city and out to the Ocean. Hermana Fisher was in a trio with, and helped train Hermana Howe when she was a newbie, I met her few weeks ago at the zone activity when we went to the beach and so I was so happy I got paired up with her. She has taught me so much. She has incredible energy. I love her.
Spanish is coming. Very... very.... slowly. It really depends on the day and the person, but I am doing my best to improve always. It seems like I will never really be fluent, but right now I would just be satisfied to say more in the lessons.
In other news my ward went to the temple this week and Leontina went through the temple!!! Yes! She is so strong. I only wish a few more of the cute little ladies in our ward would catch her spirit.
Not to much else is happening. Next week is Cambios and there is a good chance Hna Howe will be leaving me (she has 6 months in Barrio Norte), but life is great here. 
Cheek kisses, chow
Hermana Saunders

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