Monday, March 14, 2016

Keep on, keepin on... and keepin the commandments‏

Another wonderful week in paradise. I expected to get sick of this sector from being here so long but I just love it more. The weeks of this cambio have been flying by. 

We had a 'Tesch' class in Parral and I got to see cute Sister Black. missin that girl. The Teschs are the married missionaries in our sector. They are traveling the mission to teach everyone effective teaching methods, more about our call etc. They are incredible. I always learn a ton. We had a family home evening with them yesterday about premortal life and my mind was blown (can you say 'trunky' for the temple or what?)

Yesterday we had a district conference and we got to here from some general authorities through a broadcast, including Elder Nelson. He speaks Spanish! It was really fully. He has quite the gringo accent but it was a really neat talk about an experience he had when the wing of a small plane he was is exploded and he thought he was going to die. He talked about not having regrets so that when the moment comes of our death we can be at peace. I thought it was really interesting.

*other funny side note from yesterday- a dog followed us all the way to church and then went back to get the other Hermanas. It had a broken leg and limped on three legs all the way. It waited for us the whole meeting. Sometimes I think these dogs are smarter than the humans here- they know they need to go to church. It was bummed when we shut the gate and couldn't come in.

We found a lot this week but we are battling with our investigators to come to church. The cold is starting to set in, in the mornings. yikes. But we continue to search for progressing investigators. (como siempre)

Hermana Rigby continues to amaze me. She is the best.

Hey the new Easter video came out! 
I want to challenge you guys to share it!

Love you guys! 
Hermana Saunders

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