Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy most important day in the history of the world‏

It has been such a great week! I love Easter. It has been so fun remembering the most important event in history and getting to share it with people all day. I love the new video the church came out with. It's pretty incredible.

On Friday night we had an activity, it was a really spiritual experience for me. We got to sing a musical number and participate in the branch choir. Few people came but I felt like we were the lucky ones. Talked about the week leading up to Christ's death and it was really amazing. It made me think back to a family home evening we had we I was 12 and my Dad explained the significance of the Final week of Christ's life. 

They talked about how everything that happened was prophesied of before the coming of Christ. His birth death and Resurrection. Our District leader spoke to us about how our Patriarical blessings are like the prophecies of OUR lives. All we can accomplish is scripted but is up to us to follow our savior's example and be obedient enough to fulfill with the blessings that can be ours. 

The invitation I have is that you can all re-read your Patriarical Blessings this week and look to find ways to fulfill with the prophesies that have been made for you.
AND to prepare a good questions for conference so that you can be looking for some spiritual guidance.

Que éste excelente
Hermana Saunders

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