Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference Week

Good week. Lots of walking and looking without luck but we ended up getting some good references for this next week. ya! 

So how was conference? Did you tune in? Well if not you missed out. It was basically incredible.
(My personal favorite part was the women's conference.)

I always like to come with questions to the conference. I went a little over board and wrote down 15, knowing that I probably would not get them all answered. My miracle- within the first session, 10 had been answered. Then followed the final 5 through the other sessions. My mind was blown. I know that the Spirit is real and through him we can become the people God wants us to be. I know the Lord wants to bless us with personal revelation and we will have the opportunity to receive it when we listen and come prepared. I invite you to see it if you haven't (ALL of it) and review it if you have.

We have a good new pool of investigators that we are working with right now. Progressing slowly but we are really happy to see they are moving a little just a little closer to baptism. We had a few join us for Conference and they all said the really enjoyed it. I am anxious to hear more of their thoughts as we visit them this week. ( I wish more would have heard Elder Beadnar's talk)

Normally we would have cambios this week but due to some changes in the MTC training we will be staying but for 2 more weeks. (2 more weeks in the sector of dreams- yes please!)

Hermana Saunders

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