Monday, June 6, 2016

Children of Lucifer

This week has been wonderful. I love Hermana Dominguez. The few first days with a new comp are always a little awkward but it turns out we are really similar and we get a long great. I have been so blessed with my companions.
We had some interesting experiences this week. Being the first week of the transfer we had Hermana Dominguez's leadership training and mission council so we went to Concepcion twice and got really lost on the way coming home (we went to a town called Dichato... it's beautiful). 

We also had a really interesting run in with an evangelico family (I think it Evangelical in English..?) To give you a picture the women all have long hair and wear floor length skirts. They take the bible really literally... They were very friendly but told us we were basically children of Lucifer because we are women trying to teach the word of God and have dominion over men. Oh and because we cut our hair and wear make up... The father gave the opening prayer and blessed us that we would never go into prostitution and all the family was chanting 'amen. si señor. amen' It was kinda scary and really hard not to keep from laughing. It was a very sweet of them to pray for us. They listened as we shared Moroni 10:3-5 and agreed that answers come from the spirit but then began to contradict themselves and say the only real answers and truth came from the Bible and the Book of Mormon wasn't the word of God. There was no fighting with them. We bore our testimonies and invited them to pray about it. They wouldn't let us say the closing prayer because the Father doesn't allow other people (especially women) to pray in his house because he was scared they will bring in a demon. It was an experience I won't forget soon.

We have been fasting and praying to find new people and we know the miracles are right around the corner. Even though it hasn't been that successful recently the blessings are definitely present.
I sure do love you guys!
Hermana Saunders

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