Monday, June 20, 2016

The Battle is Real

Sorry my letter last week was so lame. I was a little distracted but I took better notes to give you an update on other fun events that happened this week.

I got bite by a Dog! not to worry. He bit my boot and hardly even made a scratch but It has put new fear into me and my companion... I am starting to think that Satan travels in the form of a German Shepard. 

We had zone conference. Usually president comes but he is busy tying everything up for the new President to come in a week so we and the zone leaders set everything up. Me and my comp taught a class about Boldness. We used the examples of Peter and Moses and how knowing WHO they were helped them to be bold and successful in bringing people unto Christ. 

We had two ward activities that went really well. They love to feed us here. I really have no faith in the diet I started.

In the ward the sacrament is the last hours so everyone come really late to the classes. Everyone was like- don't fight it Hermanas This is just how we are... NO that is definitely Satan talking. So we have started the war to get people to come on time- starting with handing out candy to all that were punctual. 

I am really sad to say the work has been going really slow. I know we are giving it our all but it is really clear that Satan is too. We know that the miracles are waiting just around the corner. Like the always say the Darkest part of the night passes just before the sun comes up ;)

Something that all of this is teaching me is that we need to continue to be reliant  on the Lord, even if all we can see is one step in front of us. despite it all we are so happy. I know that this work it divine and that all comes in His time. 
Just remember this week that God really does take care of his children.

Hermana Saunders
Mini Cambios

Dogs at church

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