Saturday, July 2, 2016

Good bye President and Hermana Arrington

So it has been a great and an amazingly fast week. While we are still on the search, we have had a little more luck ;) Heavenly Father sure takes his time but the blessings always come.

We had a really amazing conference on Friday where we said goodbye to President and Sister Arrington :( I have to say it came really 'full circle.'
Because it was one of my last conferences in the mission they made me and the others that are leaving in the next 2 cambios bare their testimony in front of the whole mission. I wanted to die. The funny thing is I have absolutely no shame in teaching angry evangelico preachers but something about speaking in front of other missionaries absolutely terrifies me. Some how the words came out and I sat down. The zone Linares sang a musical number that my first zone sang in my first zone conference. It was really beautiful. President gave his testimony and I cried the whole time. I love the mission so much. It was so awesome to see all my friends that are in far sectors. We had a really powerful moment when, after lunch, one missionary started to sing 'the spirit of God' and than we all came in. I am going to miss the Arringtons so much.

We had a mini-cambio with Frutillares this week and it made me really sad that I am not traninng anymore. I want more hijas. Oh well it was good to see the one I have this week in the conference. She is still killing it in Linares. I am so proud of her.
Well those are the highlights of the week.
Love ya!
Hermana Saunders 

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