Sunday, July 31, 2016

Trabajemos hoy el la obra del Señor‏

What a great week! We saw many blessings with finding new people to teach and working with members. I know that the Lord has seen our efforts and I know that he always blesses us for trying.

Something cool we got to do this week was help a recent convert get ready for the day. She is in a wheel chair and can do very little on her own. Working with her has really helped me come to realize how many people need us. As missionaries, as members of the church and as children of God. There is ALWAYS someone who needs your help. 
I was reading the women's session of conference once again this week and I was once again impressed with the call to serve our fellow man. Elder Eyring quoted King Benjamin in Mosiah 4:26
 “And now, for the sake of these things which Ihave spoken unto you that is, for the sake of retaining remissionof your sins from day to day, that ye may walk guiltless before God—I would that ye should impart of your substance to the poor, everyman according to that which he hath, such as feeding the hungry,clothing the naked, visiting the sick and administering to their relief,both spiritually and temporally, according to their wants” 
I know that to retain a remission of our sins it is necessary to serve others. In our quest for perfection and to be constantly improving we can not over look charity. 
I invite you to look around and serve this week.
Love you!
Hermana Saunders


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