Monday, August 8, 2016

Zone Conference and Mini Combos and New Vision

Herman Tesch and Hermana Briggs (My gurs)

Great week! Sorry I don't have pictures again- you will just have to wait another week... or two.
I am so pumped about these new ideas our mission president is having. I'll admit I was pretty skeptical about the changes but we have been able to see lots more excitement in the members to work with us and a lot of miracles when it comes to finding too. I really miss the Arringtons but it is clear to see the Catalas are here to give it their all.
We had zone conference/Tesch Class and interviews all on Wednesday. Me, my comp and the sister leaders of Penco put on a class... It was a bit of a disaster but we had fun doing it. I got to say goodbye to the Tesch couple- it was sad- until Sister Tesch told started lecturing me about how I had to be actively looking to get married (¡Chau no mas!). It was a crazy day and at the end we only had a few hours to work but it was something that had us all motivated to take on the new vision the Lord has for the mission. 
I also had my last mini-cambio :,( But it was a lot of fun. I was with Hermana Farnsworth again- she is my 'sister' in the mission because we were trained by the same people. I sure have learn a lot from her. She has grown a lot too the the time I have known her. I think Mini-cambios are the thing that I have liked most about being a HTL- because I grow from them more than they do usually.
We had a ward activity- a 'Matiada' were everyone drank 'Mate' (except us) and we made this yummy fried food called sopipillas (Basically Chilean Paradise). We had a blast. I promise I will send pictures next week.
We are in Chillan right now to buy some souvenirs. It is way beautiful.

This week we had a Sunday centered on Charity. We talked about how charity is much more than actions of service but a way of mind. I invite you to read 1 Corinthians 13. I know you have read it but it will do you some good, like it did me this week.
I Love you!
Hermana Saunders

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