Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Short cuts to cambios

We had transfers this week! But nothing has changed for us. I will be staying with Hermana Dominguez. I am happy.
Well it was a great week with a lots of miracles. First off. We got LOST.
This sector so so small but there is a little forest area in the middle of it all so sometimes we have to walk a while to get around. Well the other day we got really sick of it and decided we were going to find a short cut.... bad idea. basically we barely got out before dark and had to run past a group of drunk men. It was a dumb idea. The Lord is teaching me patients.
BUT the same day we saw a bug miracle...
We told our district leader to fast for us- as a joke- because we haven't been finding progressing investigators. Well, he loves us so much that he really did it and you know what happened? We went to visit some old investigators that stopped progressing and they were begging us to come in and teach them. We taught the restoration and they deeply thanked us as we left. They said they had been waiting to hear it and that they FELT the spirit very strong that they hadn't felt before. It was the most incredible lesson I have had her in 18. We will see if it was enough to have them keep there commitments this week.
It has been very cold here and strangely without rain. We burned our heater into the wall by accident because we have been using it so much... Whoops. We will be calling the office elders about that today. 
I am loving 18 excited to meet the new Hermana that is coming to live with us. 
Have a great week!
Hermana Saunders

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