Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Truly good and without guile

Tomé. I finally feel at home here. I really am growing to love the ward and the sector. It is so small I already feel like I have knocked every door but everyday we are finding new people.
We had cambios today- Hermana Gonzalez is leaving me:( She has been such an incredible companion. I really feel so close to her. She has taught me so much in these six weeks. I will be very sad to see her go. But we will continue to see each other in the office on Mondays. 
My new companion is Hermana Domingez from Mexico! I am pumped. I have heard she is a great missionary and I am thrilled she can keep helping me polish up my Spanish (I am realizing I speak a lot more 'Chilean' than Spanish.)

I have to admit that I have just felt like I needed to be the best. The best example, with the best numbers the most organized with the teaching skills. Well this week when I over heard the other Hermanas had higher numbers than us this week I felt frustrated. I was like ''Ugh- they both have less than 6 months in the mission and we are in the same sector! We are working just as hard and we have more experience. How can this be?'' I find that the Lord is really working on shrinking me pride. I was reading the conference from last April and a talk that is called 'truly good and without guile' by Elder Ringwood. I highly recommend it. I was really touched by it. I realized my motivation has been in the wrong place lately. I am glad God keeps reminding me of that. Needless to say I don't feel so frustrated any more. I am really excited to keep working hard- for the right reasons. 
I had some really close friends from the mission finish today. They will head home this Wednesday. Seeing some of my best examples from the mission head home reminded me of how they served even when they thought I wasn't watching.
I want to be truly good- even when only God is watching. 
I love you!
Hermana Saunders

One of my old investigators got baptized this week with Hermana Rigby!!!! oh I am so so happy. She comes from a really tough family life- Her husband is a total loser but she is incredible and it was so amazing that we found her. Lots of miracles

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  1. I don't think you may not be getting our E-mails. Just remembered may I could send something through your blog. Anyway, if this works, I'll send you a couple BEFORE you I get to see you in person! Sorry about you not getting our support thru' letters, if you didn't. Love ya! Grandma Saunders