Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 104 of the mish... when did that happen?‏

Things have been better this week. The language... is still kinda depends on the day. It is a lot like tuning your radio. You are so close to the station you want, fiddling and fiddling- you can hear bits and pieces and can pick out the general melody and at times it seems super clear but then at others all you can really hear is static. Everyone says that the first 6 months in Chile is like that. Well I guess I only have 4 more months of that :) Having a comp from Argentina is really speeding up the processes though (which is really nice)

Can I just brag for a minute about how awesome my comp is? She is incredible! She is a great teacher first of all, so obedient, so sweet and so funny! She is always serving me too. She cooks the most RICO food too. so yummy. (and then there is me... 'um I could make some hot water for you...') I am so lucky.

Our teaching pool is dwindling again, last week we had high hopes for some people but unfortunately it is becoming clear pretty fast that they are not going to be keeping their commitments so... Chouu! ('But you are always welcome!') We have been exercising a lot of faith in finding the elect.

Another bummer was church yesterday. Our ward is struggling with coming to church... sad fact. We have a lot more work to do with less actives. It is proving to be a challenge. If anything it is teaching me that when I am no longer a full time missionary I will still be needed as a ward missionary, and a ward friend. I am promising here and now (on the internet where it can never be erased) that I will do my visiting teaching- because everyone needs to feel they have friends at church and someone to visit them.

The amount of less actives here has really surprised me. It is so s so sad. It is such a balancing act, but in the end with investigators and less actives- they have their agency. Something I have been learning is that you can visit someone every day, call them every night and carry them to the church but they still might not accept the gospel. And we just have to respect that. You can bring a horse to the water but you can't make it drink. (Literally the living water- that if you drink you will never be thirsty again!!!)

Pero bueno. I am learning to be brave. I am learning that numbers don’t always measure work. I am praying really hard. I am starting to understand.


Hermana Saunders

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