Monday, May 18, 2015

Not Ashamed

Not ashamed
I know we must be so close to finding people who are ready because this week it has been a challenge for me to contact. It has been really hard to pluck up the bravery to talk to people this week. I hate feeling like I am bugging people, and often I know I do bug people because it takes so much time to say the things I want to say. I also worry about offending people too- telling them what they are doing is wrong (that their church is not correct or that their pervious baptism really won’t help them on their road to Eternity). I have been praying for strength with that. Yesterday I was reading in the New Testament when Christ set apart his apostles to go out and teach people. In it, it talked about how it is our job (as disciples of Christ) to call people to repentance and that when people do reject our message or our offended, they are not only rejecting us but they are rejecting Christ... and really we can’t change that once someone has made that decision. All we can do is warn people of the danger of sin and invite them to come unto their Savior. So yes, we might bug a few people and yes not everyone is going to like what we are here to say but that does not mean we shouldn’t say the things we have been called to preach. It is not in ANY way easy to talk to strangers or invite people to change but it is what I signed up for. Even more it is what I have been called to do. I have to love and fear the Lord more than I fear these Chilenos.
We have been promised that the field is white and ready to harvest. Sometimes it just takes some strength and faith to put the sikel to work.
Que ley via bien!
Love you!
Cheek kiss

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