Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Last week of Training

Well I am going to try to be a bit better about telling y’all what life is like here on the other side of the Equator.
First of all in Chile people talk about the earthquake that happened five years ago. "Ovi" was a big deal- and everyone has a story about it. It can be to our benefit on days when you are sitting at an awkward lunch table trying to make small talk- just asking about the terremoto and BAM you get an earful. It makes lunchtime more enjoyable when you are not the one trying to talk.
On another note- Chileans can TALK and they do talk. It is a blessing. In general they are a very open people- as missionaries our job is to find their needs and help them through the gospel of Jesus Christ- 'looking' for the need is hardly necessary because people will often just hand it to you. One problem that can arise, though is helping people listen to the message. It can also make timing a bit of an issue when you plan for a 45min lesson and a person wants to talks for an hour and 30min. I am learning though that it is not as offensive to interrupt people here- if the timing is right.
The Food- I got a lot of mixed reviews about the food here and my first comp didn’t really love it, but I enjoy most of what we eat. It is true we eat a lot of rice and chicken, but we have a lot of good cooks in my ward and I love all of the soups they make for us. Super rico! One thing Chile could improve on- the desserts. Lots of fruit and jello. All of the greengos have our Latino Missionaries hooked on cookies and cakes... (I have definitely been doing my bit with showing my comp microwave brownies :) we might be addict.
Dinner is a meal later in the day about 7 o’clock where people eat bread and hot drinks. I think it is the sweetest thing. Family is such an important thing to people here. For every meal- but more especially- you eat with your family - I love it. We can't eat with members unless we have made an appointment a head of time and teach something as well, but people always want us over- it feels so often that I have a family here!
The weather- We have had our fair share of cloudy days here, but I hear the rain is only going to get worse in the next few weeks. My agenda is totally water logged already! Without the help of plastic bags my scriptures would be toast too! I actually enjoy the rain but it can make contacting people on the street a bit more challenging. I hate to feel like I am bugging people and when we make them stand out in the rain to listen it is always harder to open my mouth. My comp always reminds mi that their salvation is the more important thing. She is right :)
This week- We have been finding a lot of people WOHOO! Sadly, none of them are progressing.... but on the bright side we are having a little bit of success with the less actives we have found in this week and the last. People are starting to recognize the need for Christ in their life. Honestly what more could I ask for in helping them in that journey (other than maybe a baptism....)
My Spanish is better, I know I say that a lot but really. I promise I have been talking a lot more. I am learning that even if it stinks, it is better to try, and make a mistake than not try at all.
 This is the last week of my training and I am not really sure if I am ready to be a junior comp but I have faith that the Lord knew what he was doing when he sent me there, and I am working hard- so there is really nothing more to worry about.

I love you all!
Hermana Saunders

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