Monday, June 1, 2015

When will summer come?

Concepcion is south of the Equator so, it looks like I will be missing summer this year. The weather here reminds me a lot of Washington State. It is rainy but not a continual down poor. I have several designated plastic bags for all the things in my backpack- without them my scriptures would wet.

We had mini cambios this week with the Hermana leaders. I got to spend a night in Colluo and that was a lot of fun to be with Hermana Blou. I admire her so much- this is her last cambio here in Chile! Craziness. I have learned so much from her in the short time I have been here. The experience definitely recharged my animo (excitement).

We are really exicted about the changes we have planned for the ward and the work in our area- my comp has a lot of great new ideas for uniting the ward in the obra de salvación (work of salvation)! This last week was the 1 year mark since the last convert baptism and we are working really hard to change that.

Unfortunately it is proving to be a challenge... BUT yesterday we taught some new people and they accepted a fecha! (date for baptism) First people to do that in my mission.

Early in the week had to an appointment with a street contact, we were looking forward to in all the week before. She had told us she had other missionary friends from the US and was supper friendly and happy to welcome us into her home. The whole week we were praying for the appointment and planned to invite her to baptism in the first lesson. We she welcomed us in she told us she was catholic but loved to hear about all religions. She is a talker. We spent a lot of the morning with her and when we finally brought up baptism in the lesson she explained that she was baptized in our church! She is a less active. What? I don’t think she realizes she is a member... anyway my comp and I were blown away at the lack of knowledge she had about the church- and that she was baptized. We will be working on that this week...

Other than that I think the week is pretty normal. Members are feeding us a lot more because it is so cold. We have been making heath metas so that we won’t gain to much weight this winter (hehe). But Hermana Blou says that they feed you more the more they like you. So... I won’t complain. It is nice to be loved. :)

Besos Chou!

Hermana Saunders

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