Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Officially Junior Companion

Hola! Wow this week was fast! I am officially 4 months old in the mission! And A JUNIOR COMPANION! I finished my training! What the what? Today is cambios but I am staying put- couldn’t be more thrilled to have another month with Hermana Ormeño! We have a lot of fun together. Last night we had a 'PJ Party'
This week Started the Culpa America, which is a soccer bowl for all of South America (Basically all of America without USA... whatever I am over it) it has been really fun to see how excited everyone is over it. During the times that Chile plays we are not allowed to leave the house for safety reasons. We can watch the game if we are with a less active or an investigator but this week me and my comp desired to stay in, clean and eat pancakes. It was a much needed break.
Wow we have been working so hard. Sadly all of our hopeful investigators fell this week. We started the cambio with no investigators and we are ending the same way (SHOOTA) but despite that I feel surprisingly really energized. This drought of investigators has been so long that I know it is going to rain soon! I just feel it in my soul! Because of this lack of people I am learning to be a lot braver. Not in desperate but I am starting to realize that EVERYONE needs this gospel and not one in our area is actually hearing about it! What a blessing I get to tell people about this great work! I just got to find them first... :)
Spanish... Am I supposed to know it by now? haha well I am definitely learning to laugh at myself and not stress the small stuff. My companion has helped me so much and I am so glad to be with her another cambio (change) to grow even more. It is true that I have progressed a ton since the CCM. I am learning that it just takes time for some things to sink in and you can study and study but it still won’t come all at once, often your brain just needs time to take it all in.
I just want to bare my testimony to all of you that I know this church is true. I know that with the Lord Jesus Christ we can overcome any and every challenge life throws at us. It is important to have an eternal perspective about life but remember that God wants us to enjoy this journey! Enjoy where you are right now! We are so blessed to live in this time where God speaks to us through living prophets. Never forget how wonderful your life, this Gospel and your Savior's Sacrifice is. I love you!
Hermana Saunders

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