Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What sign do I want to show God

Hello Family and friends! How was your week? Mine was fabulous. Uneventful but it is absolutely wonderful to be in the service of my God.

Fabiàn is doing so great. We are preparing him for his interview this week and his baptism on Sunday. We made invites and everything.

Jannier as well continues to progress and this week we will complete all of her needed teachings before her baptism. In talking to President Arrington, he would like her to attend church for another month before her baptism, so she will be set for the beginning of November.

We have a reading chart for both of them that we are all doing together to help them get to know the stories and teachings of the Book of Mormon.

When they are both baptized we will be totally dry without investigators...So we went finding this week. Many days of a of walking and praying, but we reached our goal, only through the miracles of God. We will have some new people to visit this next week hooray. I'll let you know if any of them progress.

This week we taught about la Dia de Reposo or the Sabbath Day. In our zone conference last week we learned about how the First Presidency sent out training videos to all stake presidency in the world about the importance of the Sabbath day. They promised us that if we keep the Sabbath day holy we can increase our faith and have lasting conversion! That is a huge promise! Especially when we are looking at the number of less actives in our area.

Something we taught it that the Sabbath day it not just going to church. It is devoting ALL of our day to our Heavenly Father to do HIS work. It is a day to rest from our labors. It means using our time to do HIS work and not ours.

My invitation for you guys this week is to analyze your dia de reposo and as Elder Nelson challenged us from his last conference talk 'what sign do I want to show God?  Then with our actions show Him that he is first in your life.

Sending my Love from Chile!


Hermana Saunders

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