Monday, January 11, 2016


Cambios! Don't worry I am staying in the dream sector LINARES ;) but Hermana Ovando is leaving our trio. I'll be staying with Hermana Black. I am glad to have another cambio with her.

This week went so fast. We have been finding a little bit, but we will see if any of our hopefuls will progress this week. 

We had a water fight this week with all the youth and young adults as a going away party for one of the Elders in our ward, Elder Bianco. It was sososo fun. It reminded me that we need to take brakes sometime. That we need to ENJOY life not just endure it. 

 Hermana Black told my something her stake president told her and it kind of stuck with me: if you aren't enjoying the mission you aren't doing it right. I look at all the sweet amazing companions I have had an realized that all of them have tried to teach me this same thing: This mission is a once and a life time thing so you gotta love every minute!
I was pretty inspired by a letter from the famous Hermana Prettyman this is what she said:
 ''Its like a hike, we cant just focus on the pretty view at the end but we have to stop and BE STILL and enjoy all the beauty that is along the trail.  We have to become like children again and ENJOY EVERYTHING, and discover new things about the world or ourselves as we walk this path of life that we are on.''

Post mission she is  still inspired to help me be happy!
So a focus for this cambio: look at the beauty of the life around me. Not just the numbers.

I would invite you all to do the same. Reaching our goals are important but we have to remember that God's ultimate goal for us is our happiness. 

Love you!
Hermana Saunders

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