Monday, January 25, 2016

Just another week en la obra del Señor‏

This cambio both of the Elders in our sector got taken out so this week we have been getting lots of calls from the elders white washing. it has been a good laugh. We are happy to have Elder Évelo and Holt here. We are now a branch full of greengos. 

Natalia (the convert) has been telling her sister about the gospel for some time now but this week we finally got to teach her for real. She is so special. We taught her the plan of salvation because recently she lost her baby daughter (she only lived for 5 minutes) We normally break this lesson up into 2 parts because it can be really complicated for people to hear it for the first time. She was so hungry to know everything that we taught her the whole thing and she still wanted to know more. It was a miracle lesson. The spirit was incredible. She is golden. Her only impediment is her boyfriend. She is going to vacation for a few weeks but today we are going to give her a book of Mormon to take with her and read.

Diego the recent convert is going to EFY this week. We are excited for that.

Friday mooring a women we met on the street (an old investigator from Concepcion) invited us to her house for lunch. We made Humitas (like the Chilean version of tamales) out of corn and onions in her small kitchen with baby kittens at our feet and her 3 children running around the house. It was a blast. She sadly wasn't interested in coming to church but her 8 year old daughter begged us to take her. The Elders at our branch got a good laugh when we walked up to church hand in hand with her (vamos a bautizar puros niños jeje) but maybe she will drag her mom with her this week because she love it.

We have been finding a little more but we are still on the hunt. 
I love you guys! Keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers!
Hermana Saunders

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