Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year's wishes new, a new member and New Roomates

It is funny how just when you get in these slumps God sends you people that help you see things better.
We had a mini cambio Wednesday with Hermana Shepard and it was exactly what I needed. I went to Calquenes with her we left with the most awesome member, Nicole. I won't bore you with details but I left feeling really blessed, and reminded that missions are about people and needs and not numbers.

New years eve was quiet, spent with an old couple that fed us a cows worth of meet. I felt so loved. They are awesome. 

Saturday Diego's Baptism was a success. The spirit was so strong and he was so excited. His brother, Felipe, who has been a member for a year now, baptized him.
Diego asked his father, Andres who is not a member, to give his testimony. WOW it was powerful! He talked a lot about how he knew the church is true and that God has put them on this path so they can be an eternal family. We are REALLY praying he will be the next baptism here in Linares.

Well after a great Sunday where Diego got the priesthood. We got home feeling content and happy to plan... when we realized we were not alone. The Bathroom was completely destroyed and disorganized. A RAT got into our house! The whole room was scattered with it's poop! yikes!We searched the house to find it but were unsuccessful until I went into the kitchen a half hour later and it was chilling in our dishes!!! It ran out when I screamed and after that we couldn't find it again. oops
We put some traps down that we got from the neighbors.
When we got home the other Hermanas found more droppings in there room but no other signs of the beast. so we just cleaned everything down and went to bed. 
At 2 in the morning, we all woke to the scream of Hermana Orozco who had found the rat scratching on her leg!
They managed to lock it into the closet and came and slept in our room. The wicked thing kept us up all night scratching the walls. When we looked this morning we couldn't find it. How it got our and where it is I can't tell you but we are going to be buying plenty of rat poison today.
Oh the adventures on the mission.
I am really great loving life. Keep working on your goals! 
Love you!
Hermana Saunders

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