Monday, August 3, 2015

43.3 Miles Walked this Week‏

So this week was the first week with Hermana Prettyman, my second greenga companion. She is from New York and is a photography major at BYU (she is currently in the process from transferring from BYU- I to Provo). I LOVE her I have already learned so much from her. She just had her one year mark in the mission and I really want to be just like her when I have her time. I know that the Lord has put us together for a reason.

Despite the fact that we got EXTREAMLY lost just about every 5 minutes this week we had (what I would call) the most exitoso semana(most successful) in my mission! WOHO! We did so much finding and now have several new progressing investigators! It has just felt like all my prayers are being answered. It is a little disappointing none of them made it to church yesterday but we have lots of faith that with some more preparation they will be able to make it this week. They are at least doing there reading and praying.

A difficulty we have been having is getting the members come out with us. This is a super important element to our work, because really we (the missionaries) are only here for a few months and then Chow no mas! It is important that our investigators and less actives have relationships with the members to help them keep coming to church. The reason we haven’t been leaving with many members is because we don’t KNOW many members. It is funny how huge this ward is but I still haven’t actually gotten to know many of them. We have it in our weekly goals to get to know at least 2 families every day. I am looking forward to developing a stronger relationship with them and working together :)

Something I really love about Hermana Prettyman is that she loves to look for the fun in our days. This week we played with some kids in the street as they twirled ribbons and danced, we had a 10 min 'date' where we ate cheese sandwiches and talked about girl stuff, we found a new part of or sector that looks like muddy St. George and took lots of fun pictures. She is teaching me that in order to give all of our heart might mind and strength to God we have got to love ourselves, we have got to enjoy ourselves and feel comfortable where we are. We are not robots. If that were in effective method of teaching, God wouldn’t send people! This Gospel is about happiness not just endurance. They are things that work together! My goal this week to you guys in to find some happiness in your journey. We are most effective in our work when we are happy. Remember that your happiness is your choice. I want to promise that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can find happiness in every moment of our life. Even during trials and difficulties we can find a way to look on the bright side.

I Love you guy!



Hermana Saunders

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