Monday, August 31, 2015

I just can't get enough of these trios.....‏

Well this week has been loco! I am (technically) in a trio again! WOHO! Don't listen to that anyone says, trios are the best. Hermana Heaton is finishing up her training with me and Hermana Prettyman and her trainer left to be an Hermana Leader in another Sector. So for this next week until cambios we will be together again. With the challenge of managing both her investigators, and ours we have been running around all over the place this week. It has been such a blur I really can't remember half of what happened. It has been a challenge to make time to find new people. Hopefully in a weeks we will have 4 of us again in Hualqui and all will be restored to a normal amount of crazy.Yesterday, as usual we saw so many miracles. Sundays are the most incredible days of the week. A less active that has not been to church in 30 years came! She told us that she wants her life to change and she has come back to be active again. Let me tell you this is not something that happens every day. I am so excited to visit her this week. Without fail you can find a miracles everyday on the mission- but Sundays somehow the blessings are multiplied.

I have learned a lot in this companionship. It is something that I just can't rap my mind around some days, but you are ALWAYS learning on the mission. There really is never a dull moment. You think once you can communicate with people all challenges will vanish you will suddenly be the perfect missionary. I am learning that it doesn't matter how much time I am going to have- I will never be the perfect missionary. And that is okay :) The most important thing I have learned is that you are always trying your best and trying to please the Lord. He is always happy if you are doing your best.


Hermana Saunders

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