Monday, August 10, 2015

Raining down the blessings of Heaven‏

Wow how the time does fly! Tomorrow is my 6 month mark!!!! What? Am I supposed to be mature now? Well I am still not. I guess I have a whole other year to work. J

This week was raining cats and dogs! (Literally I have never seen so many dead cats and dogs) We had a special conference Wednesday with all the sectors 'inside' (not in the country) and we came all pretty dressed up to see our friends. We left the house with the sun in the sky. When we left it was a different world. Without umbrellas and boots and anything else for the rain, we got SOAKED! It was an adventure. Just glad I brought a plastic bag to keep my scriptures dry.

We have been having a good time here in Hualqui B this week. I might even dare say that it is again one of the most successful weeks of my mission this far! We have so many awesome investigators right now! I feel so blessed.

We are teaching a family of 4 right now that we were just about to 'kill' they weren’t showing progress and then when we tried to call them this transfer they had changed their number and we couldn’t get ahold of them- We were thinking 'CHOW NO MAS, call us when you want salvation, but guess what THEY CALLED woho! They asked “Where are you? Why, have you stopped coming by? We want to learn more!” They came to church for the first time yesterday and seemed to enjoy themselves. We will be visiting them more this week and preparing them to set a goal for baptism date. It is incredible to see the progress of the mother of the family. Originally she was so cold to us. She didn’t even want to touch the Book of Mormon. Now she is participating in the lessons, looking up scriptures and asking questions. What is even greater is that she can see her progress. She recognizes she feels different when we come. I pray so hard for them every day.

We also had 2 other investigators at church yesterday. They are both the children of a less active women that we found when another family of less actives invited them to a Family Home evening (talk about Milagros). When we came by for the first lesson, the mother of the family set up chairs all around us and dragged her kids in to listen. They have a baptism date but first we really want to focus on reactivating the mother. She says the father really isn’t interested in religion and doesn’t want to do anything with 'Mormons' but we are going to try and meet him this week, at least to gain his confidence so that he can support his children in their decision.

I feel like the Lord is blessing us so much. I love Hualqui. We have also had the chance to get to know more members this week and it has been so fun. They are incredible.

I am finally starting to feel a little more comfortable with Spanish too. Something that Hermana Prettyman is teaching me is that maybe we won’t be able to say EXACTLY what we want, but we can still express ourselves and teach effectively if you just change your way of thinking into the words you CAN say. It has been a real adventure with her. She is a wonderful companion.

That's all for now!

Le quiero mucho!Chow!


Hermana Saunders

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