Monday, February 8, 2016

The dream investigator......

No time to write but I want to tell y'all about some cool things that happened with Hector this week:

So we taught him the law of Chastity this week (dunn-dun-duwn) and he told us about his girlfriend 
(Disappointed but relieved face) but to our pleasant surprise he told us he had been sharing the gospel with her! He told us this was really the most important thing in this life right now and that if she wouldn't accept the gospel it was a sign from God that he maybe shouldn't be with her (Person raising both hands in celebration
We are hopefully going to be able to meet her this week. 

Something else cool is that we did a 'testimony circle' Where we all went around in a YSL home evening with Hector and we all said one gospel principle that we had a testimony of. example: I know that God lives/I know we can get blessings from paying our tithing etc. so we went around the circle 3 times and all said one simple sentence about our testimony when it came to Hector's turn he said: I know I have found the truth. We were through the roof happy. I have a lot of faith his fecha will hold for the 20th. Keep him in your prayers please!

The invitation I have this week. Take life one day at a time. Before we can endure to the END we got to finish today. Keep on perseverando.

Hermana Saunders

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