Monday, February 29, 2016

Claudio's baptism 2/28/16

So this week has been a long one. A really great one, but I am ready for my P-day nap. Tuesday we took a bus to Concepción and had a presentation about training and being an example for the new missionaries coming. We ate pizza (totally worth the 4 hour bus ride) and then they assigned us our new companions.
People have always told me training was tiring but now I get why. But I am SO impressed by my cute hija. Her name is Hermana Rigby and she is from Idaho. Her Spanish is so good! She still has some things to learn but she is so eager to help out in the lessons and contacts. It makes me a proud mom. 

It has been really helpful for me to review all the basic teaching skills with her. I am learning a lot.

So Claudio's baptism went really well this week. we ended up doing it Sunday at 9 before church and a lot of people came to support him. I was so proud that he finally was brave enough to follow his heart and the will of his Father. 

We have been finding but we are still looking for those golden prepared ones.

Here are some pics from Claudio's baptism. I promise to be better about sending more.

I hope you are all doing great. Love ya!
Que este bien!
Hermana Saunders 

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